The 2016 Winter Weekend Retreat -This 3 days of workshops is for therapists,

teachers or for those of you who want to work on your own trials and tribulations. It is a sampler of methods and techniques developed by Lucia Capacchione, A.T.R., Ph.d. merged with a variety of art media and exploration from my experience in art. Give your Inner Child  a chance to play so come to all or select a few. These workshops will give you the tools with which to expand your services to others and to more honestly explore your deepest feelings.

First weekend in Dec. 2-4

 One Fri. evening & Two workshops each on Sat. and Sun.

Group Sculpture & Inner Child Play

Group Sculpture & Inner Child Play


These workshops are explorations in the Creative Journal Expressive Arts technique for journaling with art and each workshop will be centered around experiencing creativity in a different way. Details to come.

— all workshops will be at 58 Ridge Road, Watchung, NJ

   $40 per individual workshop – 

$175 if you sign up for all 5-

Please place $50 deposit to reserve a seat.

Here’s what I have planned:


9:30-10:30am Yoga with Alaka– $15

Open day for exploring-Dinner at 5:30pm

7-9pm Mask Making-Where I am now- with mixed papers


 8:30-9:15 Partner Yoga – free

Breakfast 9:30

10-12:30 Inner Family Workshop in Clay

Lunch at 1pm

2:30-4:30 Doll Making- Inner Child

Dinner at 6pm

8pm Show at Dreamcatcher 


8:30-9:15 Belt Yoga – free

Breakfast 9:30

10:00-11:30 Visioning®Mandala-Heroes Journey

Quick Lunch at 12:00

12:45-2:00 – Branches of my Life

$40 per individual workshop – $175 if you sign up for all five

-$50 a night for room and board (space is limited so reserve early).

Full weekend: $375 including Thurs and Sun night